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Starting a Lacrosse Team in Córdoba

One of my passions is the sport of lacrosse. I played in college and I continue to coach lacrosse goalies through my website Lax Goalie Rat.

Unfortunately, the city of Córdoba does not have lacrosse.

The sport has been growing in Latin American countries and the city of Buenos Aires actually has a pretty solid team but the sport hasn’t spread to the interior.

As part of my Lax Goalie Rat goalie coaching site, I actually have a full-blown lacrosse goalie camp where I teach the fundamentals how to be a dominate lax goalie.

Part of the lacrosse culture is to grow the game. It’s such an amazing sport and many, including myself, feel an obligation to share it and help it grow.

Lacrosse has given me so much in my life that I want to give back and share it with others. As part of that,  I’ve pledged 15% of every sale of my goalie camp to helping create a team in Córdoba, Argentina.

Right now this mostly means using that money to buy and transport equipment. During my last trip back to the US I found a bunch of cheap lacrosse sticks online and brought them back.

So we now have 7 regular lacrosse sticks, 2 goalie sticks and a bunch of balls.

Organizing the Meet Ups

In addition to donating my own money to purchase sticks and balls, I’m also putting in the time necessary to build a team.

We have a Cordoba lacrosse team Facebook page where a bunch of interested Corbodeses have signed up to be a part of the team.

I was also able to connect with another American expat from Syracuse, New York here in Cordoba that shares the same of lacrosse that I do. We’ve since become friends which just goes to show you – lacrosse makes friends.

We’ve organized a couple different meetups to throw around and get the team started.

So far participation in the meet up has been very limited but I’m hoping with enough repetition we can finally get some solid momentum and get some solid numbers at each meetup.

One cool thing about playing lacrosse in the parks of Cordoba is everyone is super interested. It’s so new that you’re pretty much guaranteed to get some kids coming up and asking what in the heck that sport is all about.

Many Cordobeses only know lacrosse when its popped up in movies from time to time (thanks American Pie!) so this is their first introduction to the sport.

I can’t wait for the day when we build the team to have enough numbers to take on Buenos Aires’ squad.

Rugby is a pretty popular sport here in Cordoba so I feel like we can tap into that audience to grab a few large defensemen.

But regardless of how many players show up to throw arounds you can be sure the day will end in the right way –

We’re starting a lacrosse team here in Cordoba. If you’re reading this and want to join the team or otherwise help out with the growth of lacrosse in Cordoba, please shoot me an email.

Hopefully by then we have a full fledge lacrosse team up and running.

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hello damon! my name is jeremy and i’m actually moving to Córdoba this september. i’m from orange country, so as a fellow Californian i’m sure i’ll be dealing with a lot of the obstacles you faced. i was wondering if i could email you privately, as i have many questions that i would really appreciate if you could answer!

Hey Damon,

Cool blog – I”m moving to Cordoba in a few weeks. Also from SF – Marin County and work remotely for a US-based company. If you are still around we should grab a beer!


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