About Damon

Hi there! My name is Damon.


I like learning new things, fitness, connecting with awesome people, and being productive. I’m a Yerba Mate addict.

Below are some things I’m know for –

Living Abroad in C贸rdoba, Argentina

C贸rdoba, Argentina was one my favorite cities on my 6 month long backpacking trip through South America. I鈥檒l be moving to C贸rdoba in August 2013. Many of the stories and posts from this blog are the direct result of my experiences planning for and living in Argentina.

Nicherin Daishonin Buddhism

I practice and study Nichernin Daishonin’s Buddhism. I am a “fortune baby” in the practice meaning my mother practiced the same Buddhism. The rhythm of daily morning and evening meditation gets my life in rhythm with the world and I think, act, and feel better unleashing my full potential. I use this blog to write about Buddhist concepts so that I can better understand them myself.


I’ve always been into sports. I played in my 1st organized soccer league at the age of 6. As a kid I also played basketball and baseball. In Junior High I played on the basketball team. In High school I was a 3 sport athlete – I wrestled and I played on the soccer and tennis teams. In college I switched to lacrosse and played Goalie for the University of Cal Berkeley. I really enjoy fitness and on this blog I share some tips to achieve fitness. I also keep track of my own fitness here.

Online Business

I love learning about new things in the world of online business. I run a few online businesses – one coaching lacrosse goalies and another helping athletes start their own online business. If you ever have questions about online business, hit me up.

Full Disclosure

All links to products on this blog are affiliate links which means I earn some pennies if you happen to click on those links and purchase the item. I鈥檓 genuinely grateful to all those who support this blog by purchasing items I recommend. If I link to a specific product I鈥檓 giving it my full endorsement and not just promoting a piece of crap or scam in the attempt to make those pennies.

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Hi Damon, I think it’s great you had the courage to make the jump.. Was wondering, do you still live in Cordoba? I decided to move here a month ago after visiting in August, really fell in love with the city. I am currently staying at a girlfriend’s place, having a tough time finding a decent spot in Nueva Cordoba for a good price. Inmueblarios seem on the expensive end, and not quite ready to commit for a 2 year period for other spots. Is there a craigslist alternative?? I’m from San Diego. 馃檪

Hello damon! i鈥檓 from california as well (orange county) and i鈥檓 moving to c贸rdoba at the end of september. i鈥檝e never been there, so i鈥檓 sure i鈥檓 going to encounter many of the obsticles that you faced. i was wondering if i could email you privately to hopefully ask some questions! thank you so much it is much appreciated.

Hey there Damon, I am so glad I stumbled across your blog! My boyfriend is Argentine and lives in Cordoba and we are trying to figure out the logistics of getting married and me moving there. I studied abroad there for a year back in 2015/16 and fell in love with everything about the place! I have a few questions about finding a place, visas, and finding work and I was hoping you could email me if you’re willing to give some advice. Thanks!

Hi my name is Chris and I鈥檓 planning on moving to Cordoba sometime around July. Currently I live in Seattle. I like your blog and I was wondering if you could ever spare some time and let me just pick your brain about a few things regarding the transition to Cordoba and Argentina in general. It would be a great help, thanks.

Hola! Te cuento que soy cordobesa ,estoy casada con un americano, tenemos un hijo y vivimos en Estados Unidos. C贸mo crees que ser铆a el tema de la visa para mi esposo e hijo, siendo yo ciudadana argentina, ellos estadounidenses y con licencia de matrimonio americana?

Hi Damon,

I really appreciate your blog, thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Like Mike’s comment above, I was wondering if there was a way around the two year contract, without paying a fortune in rent. Any ideas?
Many thanks

Hey Stephen! Thanks! If you rent a furnished apartment monthly, there’s no need for the 2 year contract. That will be more expensive but in all honesty if you’re bringing dollars its still going to be super cheap. I bet you could find a really nice furnished apartment for US$300/month (60000 pesos). 2 year contracts for your own lease is the law here so you’d have to find an inmobiliaria who is willing to go around that and most of the times that just means paying most of the 2 year contract up front.

Hi Damon. I was wondering if you still live in Cordoba City. I read an interview you did with Expat Focus about how it felt lonely being here sometimes with few other expats to talk to. I’m feeling that way now, almost to the point where it’s difficult to function. Can I reach out to you?

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