Expat Argentina Life

Christmas in Argentina

I just wrapped up my first Christmas in Argentina.

Rather than Christmas day, Christmas Eve is where the festivities take place.

Similar to the US, Christmas here in Argentina is becoming less about the religious aspect and more about the coming together of family. As such, this year my girlfriend and I went to the parent’s house of her brother’s wife where both families joined. They live in a residential part of C贸rdoba (barrio Atlantica) in a nice house with a backyard swimming pool.

We arrived around 10:30pm to find a couple large tables setup in the backyard where we sat and chatted. The dinner started with Quilmes and a picada – typical Argentine appetizer of bread, cold cut meats, olives, and cheeses. Then we had wine and roasted pork and pollo a la naranja. After dinner we started in the on fernet and coke and chased it down with fruit salad and ice cream. We also had a local treat – Pan Dulce – a sweet bread with dried fruits and nuts. The food was amazing.

Expat Argentina Life

Chaos in Cordoba

Dec. 4 2013 / There was a riot on the streets / Tell where were you

Yesterday evening the police department of C贸rdoba went on strike as they demanded higher salaries.

Since moving to C贸rdoba three months ago strikes and protests have been common occurrences. Different groups take to the main plaza in Nueva C贸rdoba to peacefully voice their frustration while blocking the busy intersection. And while these protests are a regular occurrence on this occasion the absence of police authority set off complete chaos as looters and thugs took full advantage. Also not helping matters was that Cordoba’s governor De La Sota was in Colombia attending a conference.

No police, no governor, no rules, no consequences.