Expat Argentina Life

Vizzy Guitar – Announcing Songbooks!

Some Background

While I’m Argentina I’m making a living doing web design and web development.

My current strategy is to find clients via Elance. I’m brand new to that site so although I’ve got the talent to develop amazing websites and apps, I still need to build up my online reputation.

In the time during my work day when I’m not doing business development or working an actual client engagement, I focus on building a web app that I created called Vizzy Guitar.

Expat Argentina Life

The Mystery of the Bidet

Every apartment or house I’ve been to in C贸rdoba has a bidet.

As an American you might not even be familiar with what these things are. Essentially, it’s a toilet shaped sink located right next to the actual toilet that has the marvelous ability to squirt a jet of warm water upwards, cleansing anything that sits upon it’s magical throne.

With zero bidet experience in my life I was a little hesitant to jump on board. For the first 6 months of my bathroom experiences here in Argentina, my bidet remained idle. Then, realizing that real growth only happens outside of your comfort zone, I decided it was time to start living a bidet-filled life.

What is the etiquette with these things?

Expat Argentina Life

Back in Town

The sweet smell of fresh baked bread emanating from the panederias.

The broken, narrow sidewalks.

The melodic, sing-song Spanish of the locals.

The meriendas.