Expat Argentina Life

Getting Canadian Citizenship

Ever since I read Emergency by Neil Strauss I’ve had a strong desire for a second passport. Like a modern day Jason Borne who can open a safe, grab a handful of passports, a wad of cash (multiple currencies) and a 9MM and run out the door.

Well maybe I don’t need the gun or the wads of cash but a 2nd passport would be amazing on a variety of levels.

I started researching my ability to get 2nd passports from various countries. A grandparent was born in Scotland, another in Ireland perhaps they would allow me to claim their country as my second home. The instructions seemed unclear as was my right to even claim citizenship of these countries.

Then at a BBQ this summer for my birthday I was theoretically waxing my second passport desire with a coworker and complaining that my options seemed futile.

Expat Argentina Life

Looking Like Everyone Else

When I was in Colombia the locals would stare at our pack of gringos as we roamed the streets, even going so far as to request photos of my pale self to accompany their dark faces.

Nothing changed as I went south to Ecuador. And just last year while riding a bus to work in Lima it was pretty clear which one of the riders was not a local.

However the Argentines are an eclectic bunch. Like the United States, Argentina is a multiethnic society serving as home to those with roots from Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, and France. Una crisol de razas – a melting pot.

As a result there is no standard looking Argentine. You’re equally as likely to find a blond with fair skin as someone with dark hair and features.

Expat Argentina Life

Monthly Financial Review – Sept 2013

For the last couple of months I’ve written up a monthly financial review tracking the progress of my financial life. Checkout past reviews – August, July. These reviews help me stay on top of this area of my life.

September Monthly Review

Assets +3.31%, Debts 0%